10 Video Game Side Quests So Good You Ignored The Story

8. Wasteland Survival Guide - Fallout 3


Bethesda's Fallout games have a nasty habit of not being interesting enough main stories to follow. Now for games like Skyrim (which we'll get to) the main story doesn't have a clear cut goal for a while, so you feel no shame in just looking around. However in Fallout 3, you have an obvious, definable goal and a character with no reason to faff about with Moira and her Wasteland Survival Guide.

But that definitely didn't stop us.

The reason that we chose this side quest over the others is because it's one of the first you come across in the game, and it's the first to really ask you to do what everyone who plays a Bethesda game wants to do already: get out there and get knee deep in the world. The quest complements perfectly the first instinct everyone who plays this game has.

From raiding a supermarket full of raiders for food and medicine, to just dipping your feet in some radioactive water and coming back so she can poke you with needles, this quest is the best argument Megaton has for you to NOT blow it to smithereens.


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