10 Video Game Trophies Made IMPOSSIBLE By RNG

25 straight wins for a CHANCE to get a trophy?

We can silently hope that the RNG odds will be ever in our favour but video games aren’t always so generous especially when it comes to the wildly unreliable use of Random Number Generators.

While an invisible dice roll, or a visible dice roll if we’re comparing the feature to its tabletop origins, might be a sensible way of randomising whether player actions are successful, sometimes things tip too far into the ‘unfair’ category.

This is especially agonising in the case of randomised chests, loot drops, and chances to hit which can be programmed to create frustration instead of an exciting unpredictable outcome. Adding insult to injury is when we’re not only trying to cross off an arbitrary challenge that requires kind RNG, but also obtain a particular trophy.

We’ve all got our own stories of when we clearly pissed off RNGesus but here are 10 Video Games Trophies Made Impossible By RNG.

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