10 Video Games That Changed The Gaming Industry In 2018

8. The Outer Worlds Announcement Proves The VGAs Are Important


This years Video Game Awards were a true gem tucked away at the end of the gaming year, providing more announcements, reveals, and presentations than ever before. In light of developers pulling out of E3 over recent years - even companies as big as Sony - the idea that the VGAs can be an actual big deal is fast taking root.

The most obvious example of this would be Obsidian's reveal of the latest game they're working on, The Outer Worlds. Coming as some sort of strange cross between Fallout and Mass Effect, it's the sort of announcement that proves the Video Game Awards can be a marked event in a calendar that's getting stretched thinner and thinner across the gaming calendar.

That a company with as much fan love as Obsidian put their faith in the VGAs to to be their anchor for this title is a big thing, and one that will see the future of the event only get bigger and better in the process.


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