10 Video Games That Changed The Gaming Industry In 2018

7. Spider-Man - The Inception Of The MGU

Sony / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Marvel's latest gaming release and the best Spider-Man game we've been given, the PlayStation 4 exclusive Spider-Man was an absolute hit when it came out this September. Combining a beloved Marvel property made popular through countless other film, game, and comic book releases, Spider-Man did justice to the property with beautiful animation, touching story, and all round entertaining fare for a solid 30 hour little game. But it was also the start of something much, much bigger.

Much like the Marvel Cinematic Universe we've come to know and love (and occasionally cry uncontrollably over), Spider-Man is Marvel's first step in setting up an extended universe in gaming form. This is the Iron Man of the MGU - that is, the Marvel Gaming Universe - for its countless references to a wider superhero universe.

It's one we'll have to wait to pay off, and that will require some skilful manoeuvring from other production companies and IPs, but has been rumoured to be an anchor point in a larger set piece of Marvel's creation.

At the very least, if the MGU doesn't happen, it's a solid, definitive foot in the door for excellent movie based games that we can hope to see more of.


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