10 Video Games That Made You Say "What Were They THINKING?!"

Best character in the game? Kill him halfway through.

Far Cry 3 Vaas

It's easy to forget how much thought is put into making a video game. Whether it's the graphics or a key mechanic, every idea is discussed, tested, and revised rigorously. If a certain aspect isn't working, there are plenty of developers who will do all they can to fix it. Even if a core mechanic or a plot twist doesn't work, you can usually see what the creators were trying to accomplish.

But there are some moments in games that are so weird or stupid, you can't understand how anyone thought they would be a good idea.

Why would anyone put dragons in a game that's supposably set in the real world? Why would a gaming company use copyrighted characters in their work if they knew they could get sued? Most importantly, why did Sega make Seaman look like.... THAT??

Look, we can all accept the odd screw-up here and there. Even the best companies produce trash every once and a while.

But while looking at these awful designs, atrocious mechanics and failed reboots, you can't help but wonder what the developers were thinking.

10. Are Sega Trying To Get Sued? - Revenge Of Shinobi

Far Cry 3 Vaas

Due to its diverse gameplay, impressive level design, and catchy music, Revenge of the Shinobi is regarded as one of the best platformers of its time. Any gamer raised in the early 1990s should have fond memories of this hack-and-slash title.

However, gamers should also recall how Revenge of Shinobi stuffed its levels with so many copyrighted characters, it was like Sega was trying to get sued.

Nothing seems out of the ordinary at first, since the first few levels are populated by ninja enemies. But as you progress, you'll notice all the gun-toting goons look suspiciously like Rambo.

Just when you thought you were imagining things, you fight a boss in a junkyard who's clearly meant to be the Hulk. When he dies, he suddenly transforms into the Terminator! Soon after, you'll find yourself battling Spider-Man and Batman.

In the penultimate level, you also come face to face with the King of the Monsters himself, Godzilla. Considering how protective Toho is of the Godzilla property, it's bewildering why Sega thought they could get away with such blatant copyright infringement.

Unsurprisingly, the company were forced to change these characters' appearance in later versions of the game.

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