10 Ways Red Dead Redemption 2 Will Be Infinitely Better Than GTA V

8. More Interactivity Between You And The World

Red dead redemption

If there was one design flaw in GTA V that stood out too much, it was the lack of interiors and opportunities to interact with NPC's, with the strip clubs allowing the most interaction (press X to make it rain). In RDR, every saloon and town offered a means to interact with the citizens, even if that interaction boils down to a fist fight with a local gang member.

Thieves Landing gave you a lawless and chaotic town, filled with men willing to shoot you the instant you start causing trouble. These distinct towns filled with plenty of minigames like Blackjack, Poker, Liar's Dice, even the 1v1 shootouts that allowed these NPC's to be more than background decoration. GTA V lacked this, even with a plethora of minigames to take part in, and that was due to a lack of interaction with the citizens of Los Santos outside of stopping an occasional mugging.

RD3 can continue to add even more minigames and activities, similar to the bounties and parlour games that take advantage of the game's time period. Red Dead showed the importance of letting NPC's stand out rather than simply forcing them to blend in with the scenery. RD3 is sure to continue this trend.


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