10 Ways Red Dead Redemption 2 Will Be Infinitely Better Than GTA V

9. A Massive Map (That You WANT To Explore)

red dead redemption 2 map

As enticing as it is to salivate whenever a developer states how extensive their in-game map is, it's important to remember that bigger isn't always better. GTA V's map was impressively spread out, with mountainous regions and plenty of urban city streets to drive through. However, with a massive world, comes a massive need to fill that world with both inhabitants and things to do. Although there were a number of fun easter eggs and random events throughout the map, there simply needed to be more.

It was with Red Dead that random events, like saving someone from being hanged or helping an officer hunt down an escaping prisoner, would take place to make exploration more interesting. Red Dead had these random events, as well as treasure hunting and various challenges. Even with stretches of wide open areas and no buildings or towns in sight, these events helped make the world feel alive and full of fellow inhabitants, even if they weren't always good Samaritans.

With rumours speculating that RD3's protagonist will be able to swim, the landscape could see some major changes to exploration and to the open environments, leading to more than just an exploration of the sandy Old West. There are certainly going to be more random events, with increasingly unique circumstances so that exploration continues to feel both intriguing and worthwhile.


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