10 Ways Trailers Let You Know A Video Game Is Secretly Awful

When marketing (secretly) doesn't lie.

Kate Upon Pool

Making a quality video game is just one of the ingredients to releasing a successful video game, as without a canny, attention-grabbing marketing campaign, even the best game has little chance of success.

But the flip side of publishers marketing their great titles to players is the inevitable means through which they try to sell their not-so-great games to us, usually by any manipulative tactic they can legally get away with.

Yet long-time gamers should be able to spot many of the key marketing "tells" these days, where a game's trailer indicates its own sheer desperation to sell itself to potential customers.

These 10 giveaways all send the red flags flying straight up, suggesting that more likely than not, publishers and marketing firms are trying their damnedest to hoover money from your wallet for a sub-par product.

And though we've all been duped every now and then, if you keep your eyes peeled for these 10 trailer tricks, you're far less likely to waste money on awful video games...

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