10 Worst Areas In Dark Souls

Which areas in the Souls series left you banging your head against the wall and wanting out?


Throughout the series, Dark Souls has provided players with some of the most spectacular locations and boss arenas to loot, fight and die in.

From the wonder and amazement that we felt finally arriving in Anor Londo for the first time to seeing Drangleic Castle and the visual spectacle of The Ringed City, it has never been a game that held back when it came to flexing its level designing abilities.

But no one bats a thousand. Not every second of every game can be a world beater and a triumph. Some of the more boring or basic areas are relatively forgettable, but there have been some real howlers that the whole community almost universally hated.

Whether the gameplay and mechanics didn't work well, the enemies were unfair or even just the visuals left a lot to be desired, what are the areas in the series that left us counting the minutes until we could leave?

Choosing only from Dark Souls 1, 2 and 3, here are the blemishes that dragged down otherwise excellent games, and the reasons they annoyed people so much.

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