12 Greatest Romances In Video Games

Games have come a long way from just saving Princesses in castles.

When was the last time you really rooted for two characters to get together, or make it through a situation just so they could spend one more second in each other's company? Chances are in a world where social media feeds are dominated by a movie about a woman submitting to sexual torture by way of ball-gags and tampon-related sexual pleasure, it's not very often. Well, it's even more rare in video games, or so you'd think, as not only do developers struggle to write things like convincing sex scenes, but the lead-up to such a thing - y'know all the talking, noticing the way someone moves, that cute thing they do with their hair, all that good stuff - is almost impossible to get across in animation short of it being way too forced. Relationships built on trust, team work and reliance are another thing entirely - and there's plenty of sultry ladies out there many gamers have gotten all fuzzy inside for over the years too - as you need only look to the likes of The Last of Us' Joel and Ellie or The Walking Dead's Clem and Lee to get a feel for an interdependent relationship that emerges from both characters relying on and loving each other platonically. So, with it being Valentines Day 2015, it's time to throw on the love goggles and gaze towards the land of video games - there's actually far more loveable couples out there than you might think.

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