12 Unbelievably Shameful Times Video Games Tried To Be Sexy

6. Everything In Leisure Suit Larry, Post-Sierra

leisure suit larry magna cum laude

There was once a time when Leisure Suit Larry knew what the f*ck it was. Back when Sierra was at the helm, with their expert scriptwriters and a solid point n' click framework, it spun a hilarious yarn of the godawful, desperate loser Larry, and his inept desire to bed as many women as possible.

When Sierra left and High Voltage Software and Team 17 took over, all self-awareness was lost. All that comedic juxtaposition that said to the player, "Hey, we're all figuring this life out together, look at this goofball" was replaced with half-naked loading screens, awful "Let's pick up some CHICKS" 'mission design' and a general tone that revelled in masturbatory fantasies over anything in the real world.

To some degree - though a degree that's constantly in flux - you can combat shamefulness with self-ownership. If a game just wants to be that one product that revels in smut and outdated attitudes, providing that's what's advertised and its intent is clear, in a free society, by all means dive in.

Where the newer Leisure Suit Larry games completely messed up, was in encouraging the player to see the world as Larry does, and no one wants that.

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