15 Video Games You'll Play For The Rest Of Your Life

When you're old and grey, you'll still have these fifteen games.

A lot of games that come out these days are, for one reason or another, fairly forgettable. Sure, they€™re visually superior to the games that came before them, but they sometimes feel like they€™re lacking that special little spark that made us fall in love with gaming in the first place. Nowadays, we buy them, we play them, and then we forget about them almost immediately; they€™re just products to be consumed, and fairly unremarkable products at that.

Of course, this isn€™t always the case. Every now and then something does come along to remind us why we love this medium, you've just got to look hard enough for them. For every XCOM or Dark Souls, there€™s a dozen Assassin€™s Creed games, handfuls upon handfuls of Call of Duty clones, and an endless stream of repetitive sports games.

Luckily, we'€™ll always have the games of yesteryear, the games that introduced us to video games in the first place; the enduring, infinitely rewarding experiences that'll always be there, waiting for us to come home. Some of these games are classics, others are seemingly endless, but they all have one thing in common: they'€™ll never die. For one reason or another, we'€™ll be playing these games for the rest of our lives.

We'€™ll play other things, and we may even forget about these games every now and then, but we€™'ll always come back, again and again, because they€™re the very definition of timeless.

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