50 Greatest Video Game Villains Of All Time!

20. Saren (Mass Effect)

At the very beginning of Mass Effect we discover Saren stealing knowledge of the universe from a sacred Prothean beacon, before attempting to blow up a whole colony of innocent civilians and shooting his partner and long time friend Nihlus in the head, then scurrying off world in an odd looking ship. Saren long before this moment used to be a spectre, one of the councils elite there to protect the universe from any blight, however the aforementioned odd looking ship is actually a Reaper, a part organic machine designed for one purpose alone, destroying all life forms everywhere! Reapers posses the ability to indoctrinate all, which is clearly the case with Saren! So is Saren an ultra villain or an Ultra victim? Either way you look at it, he deserves a place on this list simply due to the cold maniacal acts he performs throughout Mass Effect!

19. Officer Frank Tenpenny (GTA: San Andreas)

Take one crazy, driven and down right evil crooked cop and add the voice of the legendary Samuel L Jackson then you're definitely onto a winner. Tenpenny is the ultimate nasty piece of work, he€™s both the puppeteer ready to blackmail anyone to do any dirty deeds as well as one of the biggest terrorists in the business not afraid to get his hands dirty doing said dirty deeds either, with voice acting thats just oozing with evil, snide condesention Tenpenny will enrage you at every turn. Tenpenny is a great villain not just because he can ignore a whole city riot just to save his own skin, but because it makes you question what is right and wrong! Blurring the line between the simple good cop bad robber routine! Good work again from Rockstar Games!

18. Serial Killer X (Condemned)

A murderer so evil, so twisted, so bloodthirsty that he....kills other murderers? Well however weird that sounds, spending your time creeping around to hunt down and torture, in more and more horrible ways, those who are what you could call your peers makes you a pretty intense enemy While playing through the rather terrifying horror FPS Condemned it will be your task to find prestigious serial killers from your FBI list but a certain someone is on hand to thwart your efforts by killing those very same people. Later coined as Serial Killer X (who turns out to be your trusted friends nephew Leeland Van Horne) This twist of having the player caught in the middle of two killers is brilliant Villains vs. Villains? Yes please!

17. Akuma (Street Fighter)

Currently the favourite choice of many avid street fighter fans, especially due to his power and expanded moves compared to Ryu and Ken, its great to think back to the first time we encountered Akuma At the end of Street Fighter II Turbo, when you think M.Bisons through, Akuma pops up to finish him off and then challenge you and challenge you he did, it was a genuine struggle to win that fight (I€™m still proud to this day!). As well as always looking pretty scary, encased in red flames, torn clothes and intimidating tattoos, this demon-esque beast has some nasty moves! With the ability to send out fireballs even while airborne and teleport all over the screen his powerful move set mean no one forgets fighting against Akuma.

16. Alma (F.E.A.R)

Taking a lot of inspiration from Japanese horror films, Alma is one of the most frightening foes you€™ll encounter in any game series. Alma chooses to appear in the most haunting places, popping up around corners, in bathroom mirrors even standing at the top of the stairs/ladder just waiting for you to look up! And as F.E.A.R game series goes on Alma looks scarier and scarier, getting under your skin almost halting you from progressing just incase she€™s there. Alma as a villain attacks from all angles with a soundtrack to her appearance thats just as creepy as Alma herself. *Shudders*
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