7 Best Video Game April Fools Jokes Of 2019

Who took us for fools this year?


Gaming is often far too serious for its own good. It seems there are far fewer comedies in gaming than there are in other media, and for every wacky franchise (here's looking at you, Saints Row), we've had so many ultra-serious military shooters or deep, emotional stories. Sometimes, you just need a good laugh.

Thankfully, April Fools Day 2019 saw plenty of developers get involved with mocking both themselves and some of the practices of the games industry. Plenty of devs decided to insert new stuff into their games such as the Rabbids invading For Honour for just one day, or the 64-bit graphical downgrade tonic that was patched into Yooka-Laylee, but these were more functional than mere jokes.

The best April Fools day pranks poked fun at our obsession with certain characters, some of the genres we like to play, and some of frustrations that we put up with to play games. Here are just a few of the best jokes that developers made this year.

7. Square Kirby


It's really not hard to define Kirby's design. He is, quite simply, the pink blob from HAL Labs. That's it. So, when Kirby's Japanese Twitter account posted a picture of him taking on a drastic new dimension, we just had to laugh.

Still sticking with the simple design, Square Kirby is precisely how you'd imagine him to look; just a big box with Kirby's stubby little arms and feet sticking out. There was also a new site for Square Kirby set up explaining the design change and which also featured a couple of logos sporting the new-look Kirby too, although it also has a disclaimer box hidden near the bottom of the page to assure anyone concerned about their circular chum not to worry. Rest assured, Kirby won't become any edgier than he is anytime soon.

Clearly someone at HAL Labs was having too much fun, as Kirby wasn't the only character who got a bit of a shape-over. The account for Qbby, the protagonist from HAL's BoxBoy! puzzle games responded to Kirby's initial tweet with a far more circular picture of him. A simple change, but about as harmless a joke as you could expect from such a kid-friendly developer.

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