8 Amazing Video Games Ruined By ONE Terrible Mechanic

7. The Batmobile - Batman: Arkham Knight

shadow of mordor

In a move that smacks of "be careful what you wish for" the third installment of Rocksteady's Arkham franchise finally allowed players to jump behind the wheel of the almighty and iconic Batmobile.

And for the most part, I utterly hated it.

I know this sounds like I'm an absolute ingrate, but the implementation of this gameplay mechanic was so aggressive that it soured the longevity of the title for me, and indeed many other.

I loved cruising around the city and stopping goons, I loved screeching to a halt and firing Batman out the sunroof like a bizarre Pez dispenser, and I loved the aesthetics of the car itself, looking so mean that it could beat up my dad.

However what I loathed was how much the title came to rely on the car itself, requiring players to use it to solve puzzles, battle tanks, and compete in utterly draining Riddler races. For the prior two games, fans had cried out for the Batmobile to be included, and this was like Warner Bros saying "FINE! You want the Batmobile? YOU GOT IT PAL!"

What was once a cool moment, became a relentless gimmick, forcing the player to use the vehicle over and over despite it slugging the pacing of the game right between the eyes.


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