8 Video Game Ending Fates Worse Than Death

6. Limbo - Stuck In A Loop

dead by daylight dying forever

When going through a hard time, it’s often a comfort to know that it will soon be over and that we will reach the other side of the metaphorical hill. Your character in Limbo sure does have to be put through the wringer, but unfortunately, no such reassurance is of any use to him.

Navigating through a hostile environment, looking out for the perpetual threat of the giant spider’s return, your nameless character wants nothing more than to survive, and as we later find out, track down his missing sister.

Should you manage to get to the end of the game though, you won’t be met with a cathartic reunion of the siblings, happy music playing in the background as the spider applauds your bravery with all his spindly legs. No, instead it is strongly hinted that, for the character, the journey just starts over again.

You wind up back where you started, as is the concern when wandering through the woods, and before the game cuts to black you are given a moment to realise what’s happened. No happy endings are allowed here - only sadness and oversized arachnids.


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