8 Video Game Ending Fates Worse Than Death

7. Layers Of Fear - The Worst Ending

dead by daylight dying forever
Bloober Team

There are a few different endings you can encounter in Layers Of Fear, but if you ever achieved the ‘worst’ ending then you’ll be all too aware that it fits nicely on this list.

Having collected a sufficient quantity of your late wife’s body parts (a wife who, notably, died by suicide after your player character tormented and mistreated her), you are able to complete your in-game masterpiece. Once the masterpiece is done though it brings the character no joy, in fact the portrait begins to warp and distort, speaking to him and mocking his failings.

As a response to these insults, your character grabs the portrait and throws it into a spooky, dim-lit room - a room full of copies of the exact same painting. All the painted faces begin to laugh and then suddenly the cycle starts all over again.

It seems a grim fate indeed to end the game knowing the cycle of madness never ends, that the artist will continue to make the same mistakes and decisions that lead him back to the same ending in the same room with the same paintings, and the same unresolved guilt and hatred in his heart.


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