8 Worst Video Game Levels Of 2018

Are we NEVER going to talk about Red Dead Redemption 2's worst part?

Red Dead Redemption 2

For a far as gaming has come this generation, and 2018 was a landmark year in terms of back-to-back quality, there are many outdated tropes that occasionally drag everything right down into pure tedium.

It feels in many ways like we're increasingly caught between two mentalities:

On one side you've got blockbuster, triple-A titles where risk is minimised and game mechanics are smoothed out. Spider-Man, for example, didn't bring a single new idea to the table, but the ones it chose to focus on were executed flawlessly.

The flip-side is anything with a far smaller budget, where new ideas can be tried out without the fear of a gargantuan price tag hanging on every button press.

Somewhere in the middle is calculated innovation, and where the beauty of God of War's new combat system or Red Dead Redemption 2's survival mechanics come from. It's this middle venn diagram that's the most satisfying, but actually sticking the landing is where a ton of developers across the spectrum come undone.

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