8 Worst Video Game Levels Of 2018

8. The Pirate Ship Escape - God Of War

God Of War Hel Pirate Ship

Sticking out like a sore thumb when thinking back on God of War as an otherwise immaculate game with a phenomenal story and excellent pacing, the escape from Hel by way of floating pirate ship felt like something from the PS2 generation. And not in a good way.

See, revamped God of War plays like a mix of Dark Souls and something like God Hand. It's great for getting up close with enemies and carving your name through their chests, but as you forever need to actively rotate Kratos on the spot to shift the camera and move onto the next foe - or in this case, bonfire - things get awkward VERY fast.

Of course, waves of enemies are bearing down on you the whole time, diverting your attention away from where it's actually needed. Yes, there's an obvious element of challenge implied, but a prominent criticism of God of War came from being attacked off-screen. Trying to keep these fires "topped up" while devoting time to two things at once only highlighted the limitations of this new system overall.

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