9 Video Game Endings SPOILED By Trailers

8. Sonic Heroes

Shadow of the colossus

In the last decade or so, Sonic Team have tried to dial back on the size of the cast in the majority of Sonic titles. In 30 years of adventures the Blue Bur has made more friends and enemies than we can count and overstuffing each game with as many as possible felt to like players like diluting what originally made Sonic so great.

It was a trend that really started to hit critical mass with Sonic Heroes which included 12 playable characters, admittedly in groups of 3 but nonetheless.

Sonic Heroes’ four scenarios intersected with each other and dropped little clues along the way that Dr Eggman was perhaps not behind the latest threat on the planet. When the curtain lifted in the game’s conclusion, it was revealed that Metal Sonic was the game’s shock big bad.

Or at least it would’ve been a shock if not for the fact the game’s trailers had shown a silhouette of the character awaiting players at what was clearly the end of the game.

Considering Metal Sonic hadn’t been seen in a major role since Sonic CD, about a decade prior, it would’ve been an excellent twist for long term fans. There was no point putting the clues together however as the trailer hadn’t been shy to show us where it was all leading.


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