9 Video Game Endings SPOILED By Trailers

This needs to stop.

Shadow of the colossus
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Trailers are the biggest tool in marketing. You can get across how good your game looks, how smoothly it plays, how exciting its story and characters are and so on. The best trailers are a tour-de-force of what gamers can expect from a title and should do their best to sell themselves to as many people as possible.

Unfortunately, putting in as much action and exciting imagery as possible sometimes means reaching into the later stages of the game.

It happens far too often that twists, turns and spoilers get dropped into trailers for games that haven't even been released. Sometimes, when you're already sold on something it's best to take a step back and avoid any more exposure to it - lest you see a little bit too much.

In this list we'll be chastising game trailers that exposed their endings: settings, major revelations and even final showdowns. These are the kinds of things you'll wish you could un-see, just to keep it a surprise for when you finally get your hands on the controller.

Obviously, unlike the trailers mentioned herein, we are going to be polite and tell you now that this list will continue lots of spoilers. You have been warned.

9. Far Cry 4

Shadow of the colossus

The story of Far Cry 4 is centred around protagonist Ajay returning to his home country of Kyrat to spread the ashes of his Mother. Upon arriving however, Ajay gets caught up in the eccentric and dangerous world of king Pagan Min and the warring factions of the region.

Cue your standard affair of balls out action and insanity. In fact, Far Cry 4’s marketing and trailers were all around great and really helped to make it the most successful entry in the series to that point.

However, a moment in the game’s story trailer shows Pagan Min standing at a shrine with the player, showing they both make it to the end, and indeed where Ajay’s Mother Ishwari sent him as part of her final wishes.

I mean, it’s not all that surprising that a game’s protagonist gets to complete their goal. At least 90% of titles give you a main objective and, eventually, you fulfil it. That being said, most games don’t show this moment in a trailer before the game is even out.

Considering how wild and twisting Far Cry can be, it seems like a strange choice to include a scene from the conclusion of all things in its marketing. Thankfully, Far Cry 4 has multiple endings so there’s still plenty of fun to be had when you get there.


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