Avengers LEAK: Spider-Man Will Be "Exclusive Character" On PS4

Is the Marvel Gaming Universe finally happening?

Square Enix/Sony

Square Enix so far has remained coy over whether Spider-Man will be showing up as a post-launch character in the upcoming Avengers game. The core team of heroes currently excludes the web-swinger, and it's unclear if Sony publishing Insomniac's solo Spidey outing would cause major headaches if another publisher wanted to include him in their Marvel game.

However, a recent listing from an online retailer seems to have leaked that Spider-Man is indeed coming to the multiplayer game at some point, as PS4 exclusive content. The description for Marvel's Avengers on initially included the detail that you could "Play as Spider-Man exclusively on PS4", however the text has since been removed from the page.


It's unclear whether the retailer jumped the gun and revealed embargoed information or accidentally got its wires crossed, but an exclusive crossover wouldn't be out the question - in fact, it would make a whole load of sense.

With little over a month to go before release and a beta set to launch later in August, expect to hear more about additional heroes joining the roster soon.


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