Call Of Duty: Blackout - 10 Essential Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

The world's new favourite battle royale. Let's make sure you win.

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

After over a year of battle royale domination from Fortnite, Activision are stepping up to bat. They've taken their sweet time with the details too, first announcing Blackout back in March alongside the main zombies n' multiplayer of Black Ops 4, but negating to reveal how many players would be supported.

Turns out, it's "up to 115" for specific events, but the four-person Quads mode includes 100, whereas Solos and Duos is bizarrely tailored to 88 people. Assumedly the latter is the sweet spot, and lord knows the action is intense as hell regardless.

Speaking of which, even Blackout's launch day numbers are hitting a quarter million on Twitch, as prospective buyers and fans tune in to see how Blackout fares against Epic's Fortnite community. For the latter, they're closer to 50 or 60 thousand, indicating one HELL of an advantage for Activision.

Will Blackout become the go-to battle royale game after launch week? Regardless, you'll need to know some specific tips and tricks to stay on top.

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