Can You Name The Nintendo Exclusive Game From ONE Image?

How well do you know Nintendo's exclusives line-up?

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As much as the Nintendo Switch has become a portable oasis for, well, basically everything, Nintendo continues to thrive on the strength of its large library of quality exclusive titles, from AAA Mario and Zelda games to more low-key indie offerings.

But just how well do you remember Nintendo's exclusives over the years? And to make things a little more challenging, you won't be finding the most obvious exclusive hits in this quiz - no Mario, Zelda, or Smash Bros. to speak of, for example.

From cult racing games to party classics, slinky new action games, weirdo RPGs, and everything in-between, these 20 games represent the diverse brilliance of Nintendo's exclusive fare over the years.

But considering how many of them there are across their family of systems, you'd be forgiven for mixing some of them up.

And if you somehow manage to score 100% on the quiz, give yourself a firm pat on the back. The answers are at the end either way, so good luck!

1. Which Game Is It?

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