FIFA 20: 10 Best Dribblers On The Game

Looking to embarrass opponents with close control and tricks? Well, then these are your guys!

EA Sports

With FIFA 20 now upon us, gamers and football fans are all eagerly chomping at the bit to explore this latest installment in the legendary FIFA franchise and see what new features have been added, what visual changes have taken place, and which players have been given improved stats for this latest FIFA offering.

Now while pace and strength are two attributes that many players instantly look for as they start to construct a team capable of dominating in Career Mode or in Ultimate Team, one other key attribute for most gamers is finding some attacking options with top level dribbling stats.

After scouring the stats of FIFA 20's plentiful teams and players, there's now a definite list of the very best dribblers in the game. Whether it's the dribbling stat itself, or the hand-in-hand attributes of balance, ball control, agility, and often a strong turn of pace, the ten players featured here are the absolute best in FIFA 20 when it comes to easing past your opposition.

Looking for a special sort of player who's capable of leaving a defender flat on their backside? Well, these ten players are a great place to start, as we look at the ten players with the absolute best dribbling stats on FIFA 20.

And no, Icons haven't been included here because, well, because it'll likely take until Christmas before players will be able to afford even the most basic of Icons!

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