FIFA 21: 10 Improvements To Career Mode We Want To See

Can EA finally breathe some life in to a game mode that so desperately needs it?

EA Sports

FIFA's career mode was once one of the greatest aspects of the iconic simulation of the beautiful game.

I mean sure, in terms of detail and information, it had nothing on the Football Manager series, but the ability to able to fully customise the squad and tactics of the team that you built, and then take control as you lead them to glory on the pitch is a feeling that is truly hard to describe.

Unfortunately, what was once one of the great facets of the game has been sorely neglected for years now. With the popularisation, and immense profitability, of FIFA Ultimate Team it seems that EAs priorities have shifted away from almost all of the single-player modes, but none have been hit harder than career. Nothing illustrates this more than the fact that many of these features were once part of the series but have since been dropped in favour of focusing on milking the cash cow that is Ultimate Team.

Whether you're someone that likes to start at the bottom and rise your way up the ranks, or someone who chooses to immediately take charge of one of Europe's elite, you probably have more than a couple of gripes with the current state of career mode, that need to be improved in FIFA 21.

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