GTA V: 9 Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

2. Combined Length Of GTA Talk Radio Stations Is Over 9 Hours

GTA V One of my all-time favourite things about the GTA series is the hilarious radio stations that really upped their game with the leap to the PS2. Whether it's everyone's favourite resident DJ Lazlow, or the hilariously satirical political shows that skewer American culture, it's all superbly written, all 9 and a half hours of it! Yes, throughout the games, there are a whopping 9 hours, 27 minutes of talk radio shows, which makes for a pretty awesome playlist when you're driving along yourself, or even just taking the train. Of all the things I can't wait to experience in GTA V, the radio stations is sitting right there at the top; the return of Lazlow awaits (hopefully)!

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