HUGE Xbox Series X Showcase Coming July 20

Expect Halo: Infinite gameplay but NO Xbox Lockhart.


Microsoft announced their replacement for E3 2020 a few months ago in the form of Xbox 20/20, a series of 'moments' that were to happen each month in the run up to the Xbox Series X's launch later this year. It hasn't been as bombastic as hoped though, and after a solid showing of third-party next-gen games in May, June went by without any major showcase or reveal.

However, that's all set to change in July, with both Microsoft itself and insiders hyping up a major reveal event coming at some point in the month. Phil Spencer has already taken to Twitter to confirm that this will be a pre-recorded show, but reports coming out of outlets like Windows Central and Eurogamer have shined a bit more light on what fans can expect.


Apparently coming July 20 (the date is of course subject to change in these uncertain times), the event will be packed with news and announcements, primarily coming from Xbox's first-party studios. Halo: Infinite gameplay is expected to show up, alongside first looks at Microsoft's newly-acquired developers.

What won't be there, according to these reports, is Xbox Lockhart. This, of course, is the second next-gen console Microsoft has in the works, a cheaper, streamlined alternative to the beefier mainline machine. It's the worst kept secret in gaming, having popped up over and over again in leaks, but apparently the publisher won't be formally announcing it until August (when we can probably expect a price as well).


Still, the July event has a lot going for it, and hopefully the hard work the console maker has put in over the past few years pays off in the form of spectacular new games.

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