Nintendo Labo Explained: 9 Things You Need To Know

Nintendo's barmiest idea is also one of the most fascinating.

Nintendo Switch Labo Variety

The word of the day is "cardboard", as with two minutes and fifty-two seconds of tantalising looks at a half-physical, half-software setup for the Nintendo Switch, nothing will ever be the same again. Showcased using a mix of in-game footage and real-world moving parts, we now know that coming on April 20th 2018 is Nintendo Labo: A variety of minigames and experiences all controlled by cardboard models you assemble yourself.

There's everything from a fully working piano to remote control bugs, a tiny stick figure who moves with the vibrations of a single Joy-Con and even a fishing game where an extend-o controller lets you dangle string into the Switch's screen, simulating the catching of a fish.

Craziest/most genius of all is a full mech suit, sold in a separate pack, comprising a whopping great backpack, head-tracking and multi-limb control, letting you embody a robot tearing through a cityscape. Hilariously, the fact that this thing actually tracks feet movement puts it one step ahead of the PS VR - a realisation made all the more hilarious by noting that Nintendo have one-upped the competition with some cardboard and a few pieces of string.

You couldn't make this stuff up, but I can easily break down how it's going to work.

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