PS4: 11 EASY Platinum Trophies You Can Unlock In Under 5 Hours

And no, it's not all dreck like Avatar: The Game.

Walking Dead New Frontier

Trophy hunting has always been a surprisingly controversial sport. No matter where you fall on the spectrum though - if you think it's a waste of time or an essential part of the modern gaming experience - there's no denying that putting in the work and seeing the reward of the platinum finally popping up is pretty darn satisfying.

The problem is, the effort required to unlock certain plats can be, at best, far too exhausting, and at worst make you actively hate the games you loved enough to attempt to go for that 100% completion.

Without researching first, there's not always an easy way to figure out how much of a commitment any given trophy is going to be, and it can be a nightmare to start something you thought was going to be easy, only to still be banging your head off a wall three weeks later.

Fortunately, I've got you covered, and have rounded up the easiest PS4 platinum trophies that'll take you five hours or less to achieve. Even better, I've attempted to stick to only relatively good experiences as well, so don't worry, you won't have to slog your way through an abomination like Terminator Salvation just for another notch on the bedpost.


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