Red Dead Redemption 2: 8 Disturbing Secrets & Locations You Totally Missed

7. The Face In The Rock

Now this one is a little tricky to find, as it's essentially hidden in the mountains located north of Moonstone Pond, but also difficult to miss once you find the right path. Look for a narrow pathway between the mountains and look out for a wooden, man-made structure that will take you up to a huge carving of a face in the rock.

That's already weird enough, but adding the mystery you'll also find a man hanging from the neck underneath the scaffolding. Do a little digging and you'll find out that this guy was the artist responsible for the glorious sculpture of the woman in the side of the mountain, but, as always, his display of affection ended in tragedy.

Search for the man's suicide note and it reveals that this act of romance didn't go as planned, and actually soured the woman on him. Realising this, and without anything left to live for, he killed himself.

Who can blame him, though?

He was stuck between a rock and a hard plac- [I've removed the end of this for the good of us all - Scott, Editor]


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