Spider-Man PS4: 10 Beloved Costumes Fans Need To See

8. Superior Spider-Man

Marvel Comics

Although Doc Ock may have granted it one of the most obnoxious names of all time, this costume is certainly one of the wall-crawler's best.

Much like the design of Miles Morales' Spider-Man outfit, one of the standout features of the Superior Spider-Man costume is the colour pallete. The dark red and black colouring of this suit pops no matter where it is, which would look absolutely stunning on Marvel's Spider-Man.

The inclusion of the Spider logo reaching all around Peter's body and into the dark zones of the costume are also a great touch in making the outfit unique.

Because Otto Octavius took over Peter's body and actually invented this suit, the ability to use Doc Ock's arms would be the obvious choice for a special ability.

However, the Superior Spider-Man also had a gang of his own minions, the Spiderlings, so the ability to call upon them to help in combat would be a much more interesting idea and a fitting interpretation of the suit and the character.

It'd be pretty crazy if Peter's voice changed to Otto Octavius' as a bonus effect of the suit.

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