Spider-Man PS4: 8 Sequel Teases From The City That Never Sleeps

Please... don't make us fight Yuri.


One of the best surprises of 2018 was undeniably Marvel's Spider-Man.

Insomniac's latest game delivered an awesome combat system, amazing web-swinging and a surprisingly emotional and layered story. It was also a huge critical and commercial success, becoming the best-selling PlayStation exclusive of all time.

Let's not be silly here: A sequel to Marvel's Spider-Man is inevitable, if it's not in the works as we speak, then it's definitely being talked about.

That means it's time to start speculating on what could be done, especially since the main game left so many different plot threads and possibilities for the future.

It also helps that Marvel's Spider-Man had a set of DLC missions, expanding the world and introducing new characters. As you'd expect, The City That Never Sleeps made several big teases for a sequel, some of which are completely new and weren't mentioned at all during the main campaign.

Combine all of the things teased during the ending of Marvel's Spider-Man and all of these new elements introduced across all three parts of the DLC, and you have a lot of possibilities for the sequel.

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