These Wrestling Video Games SUCK!

Way Too Oiled Up To Hold On To A Good Time.

These Wrestling Games Suck

Whether you love it or hate it, Wrestling is a huge cultural milestone all across the world.

From masked luchadores that soar high in the air performing acrobatic twists, to the burly granite chested beasts of New Japan who treat pain like it's a tasting menu and they are hungry boys, wherever you look there are meat monsters looking to slap the marble off one another for our entertainment.

Hell sometimes even just showing back up after a lengthy absence is enough to set the world on fire, just look at CM Punk's explosive return to the ring in AEW that's brought lapsed fans back into the fold and cemented die-hards in for the long haul. In short, wrestling is big business, but that doesn't always mean it's good business.

For where there are wrestlers there is merch, and some of the video games that the industry has squeezed out of its oily hole across the years are of such stink that the entire industry felt their waft. So let's pinch our collective nose and dive right in as these Wrestling Video Games SUCK!

6. WCW Backstage Assault

These Wrestling Games Suck
Kodiak Interactive

One of the most fun things to witness when watching wrestling is when the action is so white-hot that it doesn't even make it to the ring. Watching as talents get ambushed backstage, rammed through windows, and over catering tables can make for some creative and pretty brutal beatdowns.

These moments however are only fun because they happen sometimes unless you're watching a Triple H match in which he always powders to the outside within the first five minutes, seriously the man loves a walk and brawl, and therefore at no point should anyone have ever greenlighted the idea of "let's make a wrestling game that ONLY has backstage fighting", because what we got was WCW Backstage Assault.

This lame gimmick video game marketed itself as being a title that couldn't be contained by the squared circle, but what we got in actuality was a waddling slog through a car park where characters moved like their trousers were down by their ankles. Watching a Tesco brand version of Sid Vicious move like he broke both his legs from that turnbuckle spot through utterly bland areas was about as fun as eating wallpaper paste for all your meals, and when graphics and gameplay are letting you down this badly what hope do you have of a fun time. Seriously I've seen Gameboy Camera photos with more fidelity than this game has.

It's ironic that there are so many trash cans littered about these sections because this game definitely deserves to be in one.

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