Wait, Are Bioware Working On A New Mass Effect?!

The on-ice series is apparently being "warmed up"

Mass Effect

Bioware's recent troubles, arguably, started with Mass Effect: Andromeda. The Montreal team's continuation of the seminal sci-fi series was ambitious, but its development was notably mired by issues, which led to a haphazard game that effectively killed the franchise, rather than one which ushered in its future. After its critical and commercial underperformance, EA cancelled the title's post-release DLC and put the entire series on "ice". While Bioware have always confirmed that they're still committed to the ME universe, the general feeling was the franchise would be on hiatus for a long while.

However, in his recent deep dive into the studio, chronicling both the troubled development of Anthem and the state of the now-in-production Dragon Age 4, Kotaku's Jason Schreier dropped a tantalising tidbit: Mass Effect might not be as dead as it appears. Discussing what Bioware is currently focused on, the journalist confirmed that his sources have said Dragon Age 4 is Bioware Edmonton's next game, but that Mass Effect "has since been warmed back up".

While that's not outright confirmation that the franchise is definitely coming back, it does indicate that the team are actively working on ways to bring it back. It's doubtful that Andromeda will receive a sequel after face-planting so hard, but it could mean a proper Mass Effect 5 (or 4, if they want to ignore the spin-off entirely).

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