What 10 Great Video Games Look Like Without Visual Effects

10. Injustice 2

While there's some great in-game pre-vis footage from Injustice 2, the highlight reel released showing how the announcement trailer was made perhaps better conveys just how cool making this fighter must have been.

What stands out in particular is just how well choreographed the fight between The Flash and Superman is, and how much of it was actually captured in camera. When it comes to depicting superhero punch ups, the assumption is that most of the stylish flair is added later, but here every "blow" and movement accurately conveys the physicality of these larger-than-life characters.

Even more interesting is how all of the real-life camera movements make it over to the final digital-footage as well. Again, you might assume that some of these movements - the shakes, pans and zooms - are done digitally after the fact, to make the fight seem more brutal and visceral, but they're all present in the original recording.

You can even see the monitor the director is using to visualise how the fight will look in the trailer, using unfinished character models as reference.


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