Yukes Announce Brand New WWE 2K Alternative Video Game

The studio wants to create internal competition with 2K's video game series...

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Fans who are bored and frustrated with 2K Sports' long-running WWE series will be pleased to know that Yukes (the developers behind the franchise) are too.

Per VGC, Yukes' senior vice president and producer Hiromi Furuta has admitted that the project requires a refresh. To date, WWE 2K games have sold approximately 70 million units across the 20 years Yukes has had the reins. Furuta isn't content to rest on his laurels, and he says Yukes will develop a completely separate WWE video game that'll act as a soft rival to 2K's product.

Furuta also said that the lack of competition in the genre "isn’t healthy at all". Anyone who enjoyed older titles like WWF No Mercy on the N64 (developed by AKI Corporation) will agree; it's only recently that ZEX and Spike Chunsoft have given wrestling gamers an alternative to 2K on modern hardware with 2018's Fire Pro Wrestling World.

The most pleasing thing about Furata's approach is that Yukes aren't "chasing money or trends" with the new IP. Instead, they're aiming to reinvigorate the WWE license and give fans something interesting without contravening what people already enjoy about the existing 2K games.

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