10 Albums That The Critics Got Wrong

8. Pinkerton - Weezer

Pinkerton by Weezer normally comes up on lists like this for albums that everyone got later. Even though this is considered one of the crowned jewels in the nerd rockers' discography, you would have though the sophomore slump struck with a vengeance if you were there back in 1996. Out of all of the detractors though, there haven't been many willing to trash talk this album quite like its author.

Yeah, while most of the public has come around on the more open hearted lyrics of this project, Rivers Cuomo has called this record absolutely "hideous," likening it to throwing up at a house party and making a complete fool of yourself. Even if you can see where he's coming from there, that shock factor actually manages to be the album's biggest strength.

Instead of leaning into their pop sensibilities, the rough edges of Pinkerton make it stand out that much more, whether its the red hot production going on in songs like Getchoo or the pathetic loser who's attempting to speak to girls in El Scorcho. It seems that Cuomo has at least come around on a few things though, eventually playing shows where he covered Pinkerton from front to back. See...time can be kind to even to the most embarrassing moments of your career.

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