10 Alternative Rock Music Videos You've Never Seen

9. Dog Days Are Over - Florence And The Machine

There's a few things you can expect from a Florence music video, chiefly: glittering costumes, bizarre dance routines and a bunch of artsy cinematography. The commercial video for Dog Days featured Florence throwing her self around a white studio, with all the elegance of a ballerina. The costume changes were aplenty, each as transfixing and eccentric as the last.

Before she had the budget to facilitate such a highly polished piece of work, however, Florence was no less ambitious with her vision. The original video was filmed with a single camera in Sydenham Woods, with a troop of performers dressed in wildly colourful circus outfits. Florence and her bunch of ragtag artists covered the woods in bunting and proceeded to act out a series of ritualistic dance routines - much to the entertainment of any dog walkers knocking about...

It was classic student filmmaking. Her dad was roped in, dressed like a clown, along with a bunch of friends. It was reminiscent of a nightmarish scene from a lost Mighty Boosh episode, but was a tantalising dive into the realm of Florence's mind.


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