10 Alternative Rock Music Videos You've Never Seen

8. Bitter Sweet Symphony - The Verve

Never mind that this track was subject to plagiarism lawsuits and accusations of copyright theft, it's one of the greatest British indie-anthems of all time. The accompany music video has become equally as iconic.

Richard Ashcroft's lyrics are both as bitter and as sweet as the title might indicate. His fatalistic musings explore the notion of being assigned a basic set of character defaults and then doing your best with them as you grow old and die - it's all pretty bleak. But at the same time, he does profess a desire and willingness for change, if only given the opportunity. Of course, the song is all about the contradictions we face in life, as we express a desire for transformation, while battling our nature.

The video was your run of the mill metaphor. Ashcroft waltzes down a busy London high street, oblivious of any obstacles in his course - at one point bowling over some poor women and mounting a car bonnet when it pulls in front of him. The video represented the notion of pre-determinism, no matter what obstacles you face - all you can do is keep walking.

In the alternative version, Ashcroft is accosted by a group of men, kicked to the floor and then beaten. Unperturbed and with blood on his face, he continues on his path.


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