10 Artists That Hate Their Own Albums

9. All Hope is Gone - Slipknot

Every great Slipknot record has thrived off of some sort of tension within the group. We saw it happen when they were on the verge of killing each other back in the days of Iowa and Vol. III saw them really take it up a notch by toying with new sounds that they were just getting used to on tracks like Vermilion. 2008 was a fairly happy time to be in Slipknot, and that makes for absolute disaster if you ask the rest of the band.

After years of being at their wit's end in the studio, All Hope is Gone was described as one of the more laid back experiences in the studio for Corey Taylor, who would often go home to see his son every night after work. In fact, things might have been a little too laid back for the rest of the band, with Jim Root saying that he couldn't remember jamming as a band and fleshing out the ideas together before they went into the studio. Once they were there, they couldn't even get on the same page, with Joey Jordison laying down his drum tracks without the rest of the band around.

That didn't stop this record from being one of the more commercially successful records that the band ever had though, with more pop friendly cuts like Dead Memories put alongside some actual heavy material like Gematria and the title track. It's every band's dream to have a #1 record, but it stings just a little when you can't really leave your stamp on it.

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