10 Artists Who Openly Dissed Their Fans

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In the entire pantheon of the music industry, fans are the #1 priority, first and foremost.

No matter what kind of hangup you may have with trying to change your sound or whatever, you need to make sure you keep the fans happy if you want to even entertain the idea of having a long career. If you don't care all that much though, things can get ugly when you take to the stage every now and again.

For as much as fans might be the cornerstone of any great show, many of these concerts ended up nearly getting violent when fans got a little too close for comfort. This isn't just some random encounter with someone after the show either.

While in the thick of the performance, some bands even managed to put everything on hold to either humiliate a fan in front of the crowd or take the opportunity to provide a morality lesson for those who were biting off a little more than they could chew.

As much as the fans might be the lifeforce behind any great band, you don't let anything get in the way of musicians trying to put on the best show they possibly can.

10. Josh Homme Tears Into A Fan

Even by just listening to their music, Queens of the Stone Age strikes you as a band that you don't really want to mess with too much. Though Joshua Homme has shown himself time and time again to be a reasonable enough guy, the pure crunch of something like Six Shooter and The Sky is Fallin might suggest otherwise from these California rockers.

During a performance at a Norwegian Wood festival, some fan started to stir up some trouble in the front row in between a handful of the songs. Though this kind of thing probably happens all the time at rock shows, Homme was not having it this time around, singling the guy out and demanding that security let him out.

Despite threatening to beat up the kid for playing too rough in the crowd, the fan is almost enthused at the prospect of getting up onstage, before casually getting escorted out by police.

After finding out that it had to do with the guy throwing stuff onto the stage during the performance, it's almost remarkable how Homme never loses his cool that much, instead keeping his subtle demeanor even when threatening to seriously mess with this guy's face. For as much vitriol as Homme had for this one dude, it seems like he was still itching to have a good time.

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