10 Best Alternative Rock Bands Of All Time

9. The Killers

Quintessential Lyric: (From 'Read My Mind')

The good old days, the honest man / The restless heart, the Promised Land / A subtle kiss that no one sees / A broken wrist and a big trapeze"

Anthem: Smile Like You Mean It

The Killer's career is dominated by their classic Mr. Brightside, which is not only an anthem for the band, but an anthem for music, indie rock, and '00s (the decade itself). However, Smile Like You Mean It (the track that follows Mr. Brightside on Hot Fuss) sees the band in its purest representation. The lyrics are left ambiguous yet driven by a potent sense of longing. The instrumental is pure '00s indie rock guitar, managing to maintain up-beat and down tempo concurrently.

Defining Album: Hot Fuss (2004)

While The Killer's following album Sam's Town (2006) saw the band blossom into full blown rockstars, Hot Fuss is simply a great album for singles, with the first five tracks (Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine, Mr. Brightside, Smile Like You Mean It, Somebody Told Me, and All These Things That I've Done) becoming bonafide hits. As the foundation of a solid career, Hot Fuss holds the test of time.


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