10 Best Dave Grohl Songs (Not By Nirvana Or Foo Fighters)

Even outside two of the most famous rock bands in history, Dave Grohl still kills it.


Dave Grohl is something of a renaissance man in modern rock music. Aside from being the nicest guy in rock n roll, who can get along with just about anyone you put in a room with him (besides Courtney Love or people who make music exclusively on their MacBook), he also seems intent to collaborate with anyone he finds even remotely talented and/or interesting. 

He's a rambler, and he rambles hard. In fact, as you're reading this, it's safe to say that Dave Grohl is out there somewhere writing, recording, producing, or mixing a record. It may not be a Foo Fighters record--in fact, smart money would say it's almost definitely one of his multitudes of side projects--but rest assured that he's out there doing it in some capacity.

The man is not content to coast on the success of Nirvana, as most people rightfully could (and would) do. He stays active, and that energy takes many forms. Need someone to fill in behind the kit? Call Dave. Can't find a bass player? Dave will figure it out. Has your nan decided to record an album with her book club? Dave will play the piccolo if that's the sound they're going for. (Granted, he'll make that piccolo sound heavy as sh*t.)

In short, Dave Grohl is a part of everything. Everywhere. Even more than you may know.

There are almost too many individual songs featuring Dave Grohl to fathom, so here are some samples that show the breadth of his workaholicism.

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