10 Best Debut Albums From Indie Bands

Time to whip out your bucket hat and parka jacket, we're going indie.


Indie music was popularised in the late 1980s, with under the radar bands rejecting the mainstream synth sound of the time in favour for a more authentic guitar sound. Indie music really hit its stride during the 1990s. Originally being used to describe music produced outside of commercial record labels, the term indie music became synonymous with guitar bands playing melodic tunes with poetic lyrics.

Indie music manages to transcend multiple different genres, from indie rock to indie pop, there really is something for everyone. Whilst indie music may have fallen out of favour with more mainstream music charts, legendary indie music bands still have legions of devoted fans blasting their favourite albums patiently waiting for the next releases (or praying that there favourite 1990s band will finally reform).

There are so many truly talented indie bands out there that gave us full discographies of great music. Whilst some bands hit the mark in their later albums there are those great bands that hit the nail on the head right off the bat. This list is going to take a look at those indie bands that had those big hit debut albums which propelled them into fame and the CD collections of indie fans everywhere.

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The Killers
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