10 Best Japanese Rock & Metal Bands You Need To Listen To

9. Band-Maid

Do you love rock bands and maid cafes? Well believe it or not, there is a way to enjoy both experiences at once. As the name gives away, Band-Maid combines hard rock with a maid aesthetic to give its fans one incredible musical joyride.

Formed in 2013 when singer and guitarist Miku Kobato, who had previously worked at a maid café, came up with the idea of combining maid visuals with rock. After performing all across Tokyo, they released their first album Maid in Japan in 2014. Their second album, New Beginning, then saw them break into the Oricon charts for the first time.

International fame soon followed, especially for the song Thrill. This was also the final stepping stone before they signed with their first major label, Nippon Crown’s Crown Stories.

Their sound was originally pop rock, however since gaining widespread popularity they adopted a more hard rock based formula.

Songs you should listen to include Domination, Thrill, Choose Me, Alone, among many others.

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