10 Best Japanese Rock & Metal Bands You Need To Listen To

8. Maximum The Hormone

Often compared to System of a Down, Maximum the Hormone, are the very embodiment of the often-experimental nature of Japanese rock that was talked about earlier.

Built on a heavy metal core, these guys have gone on to incorporate everything from pop to ska into their sounds, creating a truly unique flavor of music in their songs. It’s not just the instruments or sounds that vary wildly, the themes often undergo drastic transitions from bridge to bridge. Songs can go from dark and dreary, to funny and sarcastic in the span of minutes.

After spending a few years at different labels, the band shot to popularity with their 2004 EP Kusoban. Following that it was a straight road up, as they signed with the major label VAP and cemented their place in the Oricon charts with their experimental brand of metal.

Once again, western audiences may be familiar with some of their more popular songs, which have been featured on anime such as Death Note.

Songs that you absolutely should listen to include Koi No Mega Lover, What’s Up, People?, ROLLING1000TOON, and Zetsubou Billy.

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