10 Best Linkin Park Songs

1. Breaking The Habit - Meteora (2003)

Within the context of an album that largely follows a powerful but predictable pattern, 'Breaking The Habit' radically changes up the formula.

The instrumental of 'Breaking The Habit' is completely different to the typical sound of Linkin Park’s earlier work. Rather than having a stripped back verse followed by a heavy chorus, the track is driven by a clean guitar tone and a stunning string section.

Though Bennington is the only vocalist, the lyrics were actually written by Shinoda. However, said lyrics (which address themes of suicide and self-harm) resonated so deeply with Bennington he was unable to perform the track at first due to overwhelming emotion.

Moreover, as with 'Waiting For The End', the subject matter of the song carries an additional layer of emotion following Bennington’s passing in 2017.

Despite the band's bold experimentation after Meteora, 'Breaking The Habit' remains Linkin Park's most accomplished and unique creation due to some exceptional lyrics and a mesmerising instrumental.


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