10 Best Songs By The Who

10. Who Are You - Who Are You

1978's Who Are You was the last album to feature Keith Moon on drums before his untimely death three weeks after the album came out. His talents are fully showcased in the title track, providing a thunderous backing for the rest of the band to build off of. Roger Daltrey's strained vocals fit the song perfectly, with Entwistle's bass work and Townshend's guitar/synth layering contributing to the overall heavier sound.

Written by Townshend after a night out with Paul Cook and Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols, Who Are You has an overall feel similar to that of the emerging punk rock bands that were becoming popular at the time, whilst still retaining elements of the sound the band had become known for.

Released at a time when The Who's style of music was dying out, they still managed to excel at what they did best at a time when the genre was undergoing massive changes.

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