10 Catchiest Rock Songs That Suck

9. All Star – Smash Mouth (1999)

Unless you're watching a particular DreamWorks animation, this song should be avoided at all costs.

Once you hear the first few strums of the chord progression, the melody will be ingrained in your mind for an infuriating amount of time. This will result in the inadvertent whistling of the chorus, long after you've gone mad.

Although the theme of the song attempts to deliver an optimistic message, it is undetermined by all the nonsensical lyrics that litter the song's three and a half minute run time.

One of the more egregious examples is the rhyming of "yep" with "concept", only Eminem could make something like that work. And, the third verse might be some of the most ill-conceived garbling of bad metaphors and sloppy word play in song writing history.

You can't escape the allure of this song, the chorus is undeniably catchy, but it's difficult to make it through the first or second verse before you start wishing the entire '90s never happened. It's a fluffy, fuzzy anthem that serves a purpose in the Shrek movies but other than that, it's an aspect of pop-culture that should be forgotten, along with jelly sandals and frosted tips.


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